Reiko D. Tsuchimiya {WIP}

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    Reiko D. Tsuchimiya {WIP}

    Post by Trapnest on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:01 pm

    Name: Reiko Tsuchimiya
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Half Italian Half Japanese
    Flame: Sky


    Reiko has dark medium length hair that goes well with her pale white skin of Asian heritage. She has dark blue eyes that almost looks like a deep purple sun set. She stands about five feet and six inches tall and would mostly think that she's too short for age. When it comes to looks, she's would be part of the slightly beautiful half, but she'd think otherwise.

    She's mostly seen wearing light colored clothing, mostly, its just white polo shirts, long selves folded or topped with a vest a jacket or a custom made suit. She lakes to dabble with designing her own clothes that she ends up as plain as paper in most days, but when she does dress up, everyone eats up what they say about her.

    In weird days, she would be seen wearing dark clothing of Gothic origin, she carries it well, in fact, she carries it to well that she doesnt bother wearing them anymore. She states that it catches too many attention and that its more of Reira's thing. When she's her dark self, she goes all out in fashion, complete with accessories that suit the look even with undergarments that go with it. To make it even more alluring, she brings out her brothers Harley to complete the bad girl look. She only really dresses like that on special occasions, if not on missions.

    Reiko has 4 tattoos.

    On her back, she has a spider tattoo, a black widow with its legs stretched out reaching out to her ribs up to her back shoulders. On the spiders back is a number 88.

    On her lower left neck she has the name 'charlie' inked as old as time. on her upper right shoulder a symbolic yin yan like tattoo is inked, seemingly aging back to her yakuza days. The last one is found on her left arm, a blooming red flower she calls 'Rei' Flower.


    Reiko is a very calm down to earth person, shes mostly lazy about doing things and doesn't even bother with most of the mafia job she's tasked to do. Rei thinks of everything as art, she enjoys everything from the harmony of colors shifting to the sudden tragic end of life.

    She doesn't look like a treat to most who see her at first glance, but only fools are lead to believe that she's only just that.

    When Rei gets mad, and by mad means rare, she becomes the complete and total opposite of her white self, except for the part in appreciation in art, though, the Darker side of Rei see's art in death and decay, she turns into a bloody killing machine, fueled by her lust for blood.


    Rei is the daughter of Xavier D'Angelo the 3rd generation boss of the D'angelo family, although considered a mafia group, the D'Angelo's did not orient them selves as much due to several security issues. Xavier didn't want to involve his family so he set fort to Japan.

    Hey escaped from his father who wanted to make the family legit

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