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    Filling Cabinet : Member Database

    Post by Trapnest on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:56 am

    Inside the head boss's office is a small secret filing cabinet with a secret lock code. Inside could be found details about every single one of D'angelos family members old or new.

    Top secret infromation about them are as follows.

    {A photo of your character}

    Real Name:
    Real age:
    Flame Type:
    Blood type:
    Skin Color:
    Hair color:
    Eye color:

    Fighting Aggression:

    Weapon(s) of choice: {this is not your main weapon, it is just your tools of choice.}

    Other Information:

    Rate from 1-10 {1 as the highest, 10 as the lowest, not all can be one, and even if its one thing is one, if your rank is low, it wont do much.}

    Battle Tactics : {Your ability to plan attacks and to defend against them}
    Weapon mastery : {Your mastery in using weapons}
    Hand to hand combat : {Your mastery in un-armed combat}
    Physical strength : {How fit is your character?}
    Mental Health : {is your character sane?}
    Flame mobility : {Flame control}

    Misc Skills

    Cooking : {Your characters cooking ability}
    Music : {Your characters musical inclination}
    Drawing/Painting : {Your characters ability to draw/paint}
    Literature : {Literary interest}
    Math : {mathematical ability}
    Science : {Knowledge in science}

    Answer the FF in yes or no.

    Do you smoke?
    Do you drink? {liquor of course}
    Do you have a drivers license?
    Do you wear glasses?
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    Re: Filling Cabinet : Member Database

    Post by Mastema on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:29 pm

    Real Name: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Real age: 19
    Flame Type: sun
    Blood type: AB
    Weight: 57
    Skin Color: normal
    Hair color: blond
    Eye color:green
    Nationality: Greek
    Likes: animals, mostly horses, art, music, her family, eating
    Dislikes:noise, bad people, stalkers

    Fighting Aggression: calm and serious

    Weapon(s) of choice: knives, and guns

    Other Information:

    Rate from 1-10 - 5

    Battle Tactics : concentrates on the enemies moves during the battle
    Weapon mastery : very good in using a weapon in a battle, always with a cool head
    Hand to hand combat : boxing and Pankration
    Physical strength : very good
    Mental Health : yes, she is sane
    Flame mobility : sometimes can use to much flame, but everything has a limit

    Misc Skills
    Cooking : great in cooking
    Music : rock
    Drawing/Painting : skilled in both
    Literature : no interest
    Math : very good in math
    Science : excellent in science

    Answer the FF in yes or no.

    Do you smoke? No
    Do you drink? No
    Do you have a drivers license? No
    Do you wear glasses? Yes

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