Storage #777 : Weapon Lodge

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    Storage #777 : Weapon Lodge

    Post by Trapnest on Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:09 am

    The 4th Generation D'Angelo has the need for a weapon storage due to the dangers the future held. Storage #777 is the oldest storage ever built, its the only area where weapons of all sort could be found, the rest are food and or art collection storage's.

    Do take note, that anything can be used as a weapon. All members has the right to one free customized weapon.

    Please follow this chart bellow to know how many techniques your character is eligible for.


    New Members:
    1 technique(s)

    Junior Members:
    3 techniques

    Senior Members:
    6 techniques

    9 techniques

    12 techniques

    Weapon Form:

    Weapon : {gun, sword, knives, whip etc etc}
    Appearance : {what does your weapon look like}
    Flame Compatibility : {maximum of 3}
    Weapon Origin/History: {Optional, just say something about your weapon, if there's a history behind it or anything}

    Technique Format:

    Technique Name : {Name of technique}
    Flame attribute : {1 flame per technique only, this note is for those who have dual or triple flame types in one weapon}
    Technique Description : {Usage and What the technique does}
    Technique Downside : {Technique limitations and weaknesses.}

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