D'Angelo Ranking Board {Customized and Regular Ranking}

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    D'Angelo Ranking Board {Customized and Regular Ranking}

    Post by Trapnest on Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:06 am

    In a small security post lies the ranking board of the D'Angelo Family, its changed from time to time due to many many complains.

    Customized Rankings:

    = 4th Generation D'Angelo=

    Reiko D. Angelo : Store Manager and mascot.

    = Security Department =

    Gio : Head of Security

    Senetue Hirona : Family Arcobaleno Trainee

    = Art Department =

    Boss : Kitchen boss of nameless pizza place

    Franken Stein : Super Rookie Waiter

    Labelisa Deinaro : Chibi Bunny

    Regular Rankings:

    = 4th Generation Boss =


    = Guardians =
    -non yet-

    = Senior Members =
    -non yet-

    = Junior Members =
    -non yet-

    = New Members =
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