Senetue Hirona

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    Senetue Hirona

    Post by Senetue on Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:44 am

    Name: Senetue Hirona
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Japanese
    Flame: Mist

    Senetue stands around six feet two inches, his long white hair seems to extend far down his back until almost touching the floor. His eyes are of a very light shade of gray, giving little definition and making his iris stand out from the rest of his eye. If he became a holder of a pacifier, he takes on a more chibi like form, standing around the height of a baby, his hair still dangling near the ground and his clothing the same but just more fitted to a baby form.

    Personality: Senetue tends to be a very kind and caring person on the outside, willing to help and provide to anyone who needs assistance in any matter. Yet deep down he has a sort of hatred towards everyone, keeping it hidden behind a smile, he is hard to anger but when he is, it takes some time to cool him down.

    History: Life wasn't easy, especially for the son of a mother and father who own and protect a shrine that is supposedly the home and resting place for a god of trickery. From a young age Senetue was taught many tricks which could be used to draw the attention of people to one thing while setting up the trick in a different location, a sort of magic trick one would think. He was taught these for he would have to one day manage the shrine and supposedly his family was rewarded when ever they tricked or stole from people. Though this 'sign of a deity' was also used to trick people as to leave money for the family to offer to the god. Yet over time Senetue seemed to develop some strange power, a sort of illusion like spell which casts upon those who look into his eyes. People began to fear him because of this strange power which made it easy to manipulate people with only one look in the eye and soon enough in the future he began to abuse this.

    He became a well known thief, people said they would give money to an elderly lady on to be robbed blind and the lady would end up disappearing off of the face of the earth. Senetue had gone so far as to steal from museums, seemingly fooling an entire building full of people into thinking the place was on fire. He has been arrested up to three times now, each time he would disappear from his cell and the person would be holding their head and seemingly be insane. Currently he is looking to be employed by a mafia family considering he is wanted in many countries. Some families have tried coming to him and many have commented that he looks seemingly like an infant which many doubt to be true.

    Starting Location: Shanghai

    Animal Partner:

    Name: Loki
    Appearance: A very strange looking fox which is usually of a gray color when ever it isn't excited or Senetue tells it to prepare for battle. Yet when given the command it takes on a new form, becoming golden in color and it has up to four tails. This form is rarely seen.
    Personality: Tends to be a more serious being as it is seen to do what ever it can do to protect Senetue if harm is brought to him.

    Ability(s): Transformation: Loki is capable of transformation, changing into a new form to to fit for what ever Senetue needs. Most common form is of a lamp dangling from a piece of rope.

    Flight: Loki seems to be capable of flight even when in it's fox like form as it's feet become engulfed by a blue flame. Loki is capable of making Senetue fly.
    Downside(s): Should Loki take a very powerful blow to his body in any form, he will be incapable of turning back for the entire day (thread).

    Loki becomes exhausted when he uses his magic to make Senetue fly on his own accord and he will usually go into a sort of sleep after Senetue is through with the spell.
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    Re: Senetue Hirona

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