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    Mafioso Dynasty

    Post by grey_marian on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:30 pm

    Box Weapons are small, hand-held cubes that hold tremendous power and Weapons within them, which are fueled by the Dying Will Flame of the user. For the Weapon within to be used, the right type of Ring, Flame, and Box must be matched up (i.e. Storm Ring, Storm Flame, and Storm Box Weapon) The higher the rank of the Ring and the purer the Flame, the more powerful the Weapon will be. It should also be noted that the Sky Flame can be used with any Box Weapon but it will not be able to unlock that Box Weapon's full potential.

    The original idea for Box Weapons was based on the work of a biologist from the 4th Century, Geppetto Lorenzini. He designed 343 different Animal-based Weapons but lacked the technology to create them. Centuries later, three scientists: Verde of the Arcobaleno, Innocenti, and Arms-Dealer Koenig found Lorenzini's designs and created the Box Weapons by using the power of the Mafia Rings as a power source, which solved many of the problems. After they created all of the Box Weapons that Lorenzini designed, they continued to invent new types of Boxes and Weapons, for example, storage Boxes. Thinking of nothing but funding their research, they sold the Box Weapons to the Mafia for very low prices. Now, of the three scientists, only Koenig remains alive and continues to create newer box weapons The effects of the Weapon match the Flame's characteristics, but may be utilized differently depending on the weapon itself.

    Recently, however, someone has begun the production of mechanical boxes along with mechanical box animals. Nobody knows who or what has begun to create these animals.

    Arcobaleno will have a huge role in this arc.However, the mechanical box weapons have a huge threat against them. They have been implanted with weapons that emit negative Tri-Ni-Set rays.

    The family involved in this event is known as Graveyard, or Hakachi are the ones involved in this. They were banished as a mafia family due to secret experiments that involved the boxes and humans, which was done after the downfall of the Millefiore Family.

    The current guardians are
    Storm: Kyo
    Sky: Me
    Rain: Rou

    And we'll have to try again with the families, but I was thinking that each member can show up at a random time, meaning that Leon will be the first to be attacked and he gets help from Sky and Tezca, which is when they learn of the rays.

    The setting is in Japan and it'll be in Namimori and the outskirts of Namimori

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