For new players! {Read this}

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    For new players! {Read this}

    Post by Trapnest on Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:02 am

    Welcome to RU, dunno how to join the RP?

    let us help you then, just follow this step by step procedure, and your good to go.

    1. Read the starting plot : Link

    To be able to create an effective character, you must know the Rp's current state/time line.

    2. Know the families : Link

    All RU Family/Organization related information could be found in one area alone, if not on there main base at all. To know the families is to know what your dealing with. It's also good for picking a family to join, see what suits you best, see if its the right fit.

    3. Create a character : Link

    The link provided is a shortcut to the template section, from there listed are the available character types. Mafioso, Arcobaleno and Regular Characters.

    The first two is pretty much self explanatory if you watch KHR, but the Regular character type is for those of you who wouldn't wanna be a mafia character.

    As a regular character, you can simply RP as you are, get a job, start a business, or even join the mafia, eventually.

    After picking a character type, copy the code provided and create a new thread here : Link.

    Fill out the provided form with all the information that's asked. It will then be approved by an RP moderator if it is seen fit. RP moderators can be demanding when it comes to Descriptions and History length, but don't worry we only ask for a paragraph in RU.

    5. Mafia Recruitment

    Interested in being a mafia? To be part of one family, you must first visit there city/country territory.

    This is where the starting location question enters.

    Starting Location & Law of continuity.

    In the form you filled, there will be a question asking for a starting location, it means where your character would start from.

    E.x. You stated that your starting location is London.

    You cant start from Paris cause your character is in London.

    Same goes for being in two places at once. We allow being in two places at once, but just as-long as it is within range or if it's not a major RP thread.

    Else, if you really wanna leave one place to go to the other, Travel, leave one place and arrive at once place.

    Free transportation is only allowed when you have a vehicle, if you dont, you can just magically fly off and land from one place to the other, no, travel through train, bus, cab, plan, or sea. What ever suits your style.

    5.2 Mafia recruitment.5

    Now that you know the basics, about traveling, lets head back to recruitment.

    It would be best to start off on the territory of your first family choice.

    E.x. You choose the Windsor Family, you select London.
    You choose the D'Angelo Family, you start in Rome.

    Pretty simple aint it?

    Each family has different recruitment set ups, some may require you to find there Hide out first, and some freely allows anyone to just walk right in and fill up a simple form with few questions.

    The viola, your done!

    YOSH!! I congratulate you, you're now an official RU-Mafioso!

    After being recruited, you may now join in on family missions and activities, you may then also freely post around there territory area without being questioned.

    Thanks for reading, and i hope this short guide helped you through your confusion.



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