7 Underworld Lords

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    7 Underworld Lords

    Post by Trapnest on Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:55 am

    The 7 underworld lords or the elite 7 are well respected rulers of the underworld, there are 2 ways to choose its successor.

    1. Blood line
    2. Public voting

    But since threats were made during underworld lord elections, and bias-ness was inevitable, voting was no longer considered.

    It was only later that a new rule was added, for where if one member is assassinated, then the assassin can take his/her place.

    Elite seven advantages:

    1. Law immunity - They get law immunity, mostly cause of there high status in the under world.

    2. Territory - each under-lord gets a continent territory.

    3. Collection rights - They can collect money from any family at any time.

    4. Information - They get information from any organization there is, including CIA all except the Joker clan.

    5. G.O. Card - They get to give a game over card to any mafia group who disobeys them. G.O. card means all elite 7 affiliated groups will instantly see the said family as a target, thus ending there mafia games once and for all. There are 3 types of G.O. Cards and they are color coded,

    Red means termination.
    Orange means a consequence.
    White means nullification of all previous orders or the safe card.

    The cards are mainly made for underworld entertainment, where they challenge a family to a duel where all they need to do is get the white card to survive.

    But no one has ever survived a G.O. assault before.

    Elite 7 members:


    Most people call her Bella the wicked, known to bring out the worst in people, she is wanted in over 69 countries, having billions on her head. She's a known con artist who deals with couple counseling, tricking them to settle for a divorce, get there money, and run off. Weeks after running off, every couple she consoled with ends up dead. Bella got her position through killing one of the previous generations lord. Bella's territory is Europe.


    Not a lot is known about Lilith, but she's known to have inherited her families sin from the past generation to the other. And only through that was she considered as one of the Elite 7. Despite being called the weakest in the group, she's shown great potential by being able to survive an assault from Belial, having have failed to kill her Bella killed someone else and took its place. Lilith's territory is Africa.


    Jez is a known assassin all around the world, he's killed over a hundred VIP in his past, but now that he's old, all that he thinks about is a successor of his name. He is currently the leader of the elite seven, and is very well respected cause of age. His territory is Antarctica.


    Moloch is a regular person with no special skills in killing or what so ever, however, he is immune to danger, being in danger activates a power inside him that allows him to defend him self. Moloch is a popular guitarist in a hard metal band, and serves as one of the 7 under world in his other life. His territory is South America.


    Tham is a war general serving under the united states of America, he was already a member of the elite 7 before entering the army. Thamuz's territory is North America.


    Balam is just a normal citizen with no special traits, he was added to the 7 underworld lords to give balance to a room of chaos. He's known to be the great great grand son of elite seven's first generation leader, but non of this rumors are proven. Balam's territory is Australia.


    Leonardo is a world renowned magician doing magic all around the world, he is said to be the best there is, and can escape any life threatening act there has been. Lardo has been a member of the elite 7 since birth, he grew side by side with the generation before them. As of the moment, Lardo's true allegiance is unknown, but as for loyalty, he has shown him self useful to Bella who he confessed loved to time to time, but gets rejected every single time. Lardo's territory is Asia.

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