Family Application Thread

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    Family Application Thread

    Post by Trapnest on Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:50 am

    Don't think you belong to any listed families below? Don't worry we will allow you to create your own family. Just fill up this form and we'll review them.

    If we see it fit, then you can start your own little group. But do take note that even though we approve your family, we cant grantee to give you a city territory, territories must be earned Or taken from someone else.

    Last but not the least, when we say family, we don't mean a one man crew, we don't want single member families popping here and there, so discuss it amongst your selves. If you wanna form a family, find family members.

    Ahh yes, let the mafia wars begin.


    Family Name:

    Family Members:

    Desired territory: {A city anywhere around the world will do}

    Family background: {If you want your territory that badly, you must have a background story that goes well with your family and the place its self.}

    Family Goal: {lets face it, Mafia is not the good guys, but whats your families goal? Don't worry, i wont ask you to write something long here, but if you can at least reach a paragraph, i encourage it.}

    Thanks for applying, we will review your applications shortly.

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