Concerning Rings and Leadership

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    Concerning Rings and Leadership

    Post by Upgrade on Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:06 pm

    Ok guys, just gonna give you all the heads up concerning how this place is run.

    Firstly, on the topic of rings: They will not be given out just yet, and when I do decide it is time to hand them to six members of this family, I will be hand picking people based on their efforts about the forum and the family as a whole. These six rings will be given out to trustworthy, hardworking people who have shown they are mature enough to help lead our family.

    Each ring is on the same level of authority, meaning, eventually we will have seven leaders, including myself. Of course, people chosen by myself may have to complete a challenge of sorts to make the whole process official.

    I cant promise you guys that every decision I make will be the right one, hence why I am choosing people to help out. For now, it will just be me watching over everything, but like I said, eventually there will be more.

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