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    Bleach Rise of the Revolution

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    Aizen was defeated. The shinigami of the Gotei 13 returned to the soul society from the Fake Karakura Town and seen what they had hoped for. Sousuke Aizen, the traitorous captain, had been successfully sealed by former 12th division captain Kisuke Urahara. He also carried something else with him. A body that was seemingly lifeless. The body of the substitute shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki. Urahara handed the now powerless Aizen to the Gotei 13 to be judged. He returned to earth with Kurosaki's body.

    Five years after Aizen's Conquest

    Strange things had begun to happen on earth. Humans had begun to gain unexplained supernatural powers. Monstrosities fighting people dressed like feudal samurai and fighting with katana's. It was apparent they wern't human. The leader of these beings, the spirit king, had soon met with the world leaders of earth in order to explain to them about the suddenly revealed spiritual entities they had been seeing. The humans learned about shinigami, hollow, and the hybrid races. The leaders of the world decided there was only one logical option to fight off these "hollow" monstrocities. A new world order rose, not lead by one man, but representatives of each continent. The captains of the Gotei 13 soon were each assigned a specific area of earth. They were to train people that would soon teach humans how to control their newly aquired spiritual powers. Soon, humans had the ability to fight hollow on their own. Now that Earth was being protected, the Gotei 13 focused more on eliminating the source of the problem: Hueco Mundo's heirarchy. The destroyed any arrancar that had the potential to become a king. Soon enough, arrancar were scarce in number. The shinigami left Hueco Mundo alone, believing they had eliminated any chance of a new hollow king rising.

    However, oppression always gives brith to darkness

    It was now 200 years after Aizen's conquest. The soul society had become much more technologically advanced than they had been, and new captains had been appointed. The shinigami that survived from Aizen's era had been placed in the Royal Guard. Also, the ban on vizard had been lifted. Not only were they allowed to enter the soul society, they were allowed to join the Gotei 13. Because of this, a new sub-organization had joined the Onmitsukido and kidoushuu. The Kishimasuku. However, unlike the previous two, the Kishimasuku was not formally tied to any organization yet.

    Not all vizard have chosen to ally with the soul society. A group of vizard had formed on earth, devoted to destroying the soul society and the vizard allied with them, born from years of persecution from shinigami, the Shadou no Takai.

    However, 200 years of peace is bound to be interrupted...

    News reports from Televisions all over the world told of the tragedy that fell upon New York City. Two arrancar, calling themselves the new kings of hueco mundo, had single handedly destroyed New York City, one of the world's largest cities. Not only that, but the powerful beings had stolen something valuable from a museum. Something the shinigami hadn't known existed. Aizen's final creation before his defeat, a second king's seal. He had planned on using this to enter the king's realm before his defeat at the hands of Ichigo Kurosaki. This item hadn't been disconvered by the shinigami after the event, and eventually made it's way into the New York Museum.

    Once the two hollow kings found Aizen's report on the second king's seal, thw two sent scouts to search the earth for this object. Once found, the kings went to earth and destroyed New York before retrieving the item. They also issued a grim warning to the shinigami and Vizard that had fought against them: Aizen's infamous espada was going to make a return. How will the new captains of the gotei 13 respond to this threat? Will they succeed like those before them, or will they fail to the might of the new arrancar kings? Only time can tell...


    A bleach role-play forum set 200 years after Aizen's war. Canon shinigami, arrancar, and vizard are avaliable for play. As with most role play forums, your also allowed to create your own custom characters. We have captain positions open, Privaron espada positions open, and will soon have espada positions opening. We also have a variety of RotR exclusive organizations for your character to join.



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