Arcobaleno Leader Sora


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    Arcobaleno Leader Sora

    Post by grey_marian on Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:33 am

    Name: Sora
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Chinese
    Flame: Sky

    Appearance: (Either provide a picture, a detailed explanation or both. Please include everything, from scars, tattoo's, accessories, height and all everything of the outer appearance.)

    Personality: Sora is mostly seen with his animal Skylar the monkey. He keeps him on his head and the two think alike sometimes. He is shown with a cool, calm and collective demeanor. He has always kept his calm demeanor, even in times of disaster.

    History: Soras past, is unknown to most of the other Arcobaleno. The reason behind this, is because before he was an arcobaleno, he was a rutheless man, and he prefers to never recall his past. After he became the Arcobaleno of the Sky, he honed his skills and learned how to use all types of martial arts. He met his monkey pal Skylar while on a training journey. The two became friends and Skylar now knows how to use some martial arts skills. He even has the skill to transform.

    Starting Location: Beijing, China

    Animal Partner:

    Name: Skylar
    Appearance: A tan monkey that sits atop of Soras head. His fur is tan, and he has a bright yellow tipped tail, hinting at Soras flame type.
    Personality: Skylar has an almost identical personality to Sora.

    1) Transformation
    Downside(s):Whenever Sora is weakened, Skylar feels this as well. His transformation is weaker and it's hard to keep it maintained.

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