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    False Messiah {Kingdom RP/Manga site}

    Post by Trapnest on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:12 am

    This is my new site, for a manga that i my self am working on, come check it out. Very Happy

    In a world that ended, humanity remains, and the reason for this, is the existence of messiah.

    Hundreds of centuries had past since the messiah was last seen, leaving the land in peace, the 7 kingdoms waged war upon them selves, Leonart, Lubelia, Carmel, Aida, Bevel, Lunalil and Baravia.

    Amongst the 7, one prospered with the lost of others, the kingdom of Carmel.

    Prophecy foretold the end of the world, will be caused by the center of the world, and within that center found is the core where Carmel's Empire Rose in power.

    The Empire holds the world within the palm of there hands, and with fear of the prophecy, the world feared of the Empire.

    And so a world of Chaos was born, there was no longer a battle for land, no longer the thirst for power, Carmel, took it all, the empire owns everything.

    Join an alliance, the battle had only just began.


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