The Joker Clan : You are all puppets

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    The Joker Clan : You are all puppets

    Post by Trapnest on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:41 pm

    The Joker clan is a NMO group serving under no one.

    NMO stands for non-mafia organization. They are located somewhere in the Grey areas of justice and crime, and are somehow considered the god of the game fields and could choose to interfere whenever they like.

    The call them selves Joker, or what was once called the Joker Family.

    The Joker Family was Vongola's last known arch enemy, battling for decades before the Vongola came to a stop.

    Since then the joker family have been an NMO, but still hold a great power called the Joker Rings.

    7 rings of the 7 Joker members.

    1 Yami Sendo - Chaos Ring - Hell Guardian
    2 Kurosu Luka - Mischievous Ring - Mist Guardian
    3 Cera Nobuki - Acedia Ring - Sun Guardian
    4 Yami Takeshi - Invidia Ring - Cloud Guardian
    5 Sato Katsuki - Avaritia Ring - Storm Guardian
    6 Cera Mizutoko - Luxuria Ring - Sky Guardian
    7 Kurosu Lucielli - Creato Ring - Porgatorio Guardian

    The 7 Rings represent something in the 7 deadly sins.

    Chaos Ring Represents Wrath
    Mischievous Ring Represents Sloth
    Acedia Ring Represents Despair
    Invidia Ring Represents Envy
    Avaritia Ring Represents Greed
    Luxuria Ring Represents Lust
    Creato Ring Represents Gluttony

    Despite there arrangement in numbers, they are all equal in strength, and the battle for leadership is continuously going on between Mizu Cera and Sendo Yami.

    They all serve under Kurosu Takumi, the 5th generation leader of the Joker Family, foster father to both Lucielli and Luka Kurosu.

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