Marcus De Souza


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    Marcus De Souza

    Post by Cricket on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:19 pm

    Name: Marcus De Souza
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Brazil
    Job/Occupation: Student


    Marcus is a teenager of Brazilian descent with dreadlocks black hair. He is a brute of a man, he is extremely muscular and tall man, stands 6'7 feet and appears to be much older than he actually is. Marcus has a tattoo on his left shoulder, a piercing in his right eye and under his lip. He typically wears either his school uniform or a pair of jeans and a Tshirt of some kind.

    Personality: Marcus is a quiet person, withdrawn and strong type of person. He is a big giant with a calm and caring attitude. He cares greatly for his friends and will do almost anything they want him to. Marcus lives on his own when he moved but he used to live with his family or grandfather when he was younger. He grandfather taught Marcus many lessons, mainly when to use his size and enormous strength, because Marcus would get into fights with anyone. His grandfather told Marcus that it was wrong for him to fight for just himself, so Marcus would stand up for those around him and fearlessly face down the problem.

    Marcus has also can be be very intelligent; he ranked 8th out of 322 students in his class in High School. Marcus has a very loyal personality once you have earned it. He is quite loyal to his friends and would go out of his way to help them with situations that may trouble them.

    Marcus's favorite food is hotdogs. He also likes music, sports, but rarely watches TV.

    History: Marcus was originally born in Brazil, he lived in a less than standard of arrangements. The De Souza's lived on a farm, Marcus along with five younger siblings, three brothers and two sister with Marcus being the oldest of the lot. Many would say Marcus was born into poverty however he was wealthy. Oh, he was poor as a bum with hardly any money to spare for himself! but his wealth was having a loving family and that was alot more than what some people have. He cared for his family that he sacrificed his life slaving away on the farm while his brothers and sisters could go to school and receive a education. It was rigorous work for Marcus, from a young age he helped out on the farm, doing back breaking manual work which adults would suffer from. It was a work out like now other, especially since his family couldn't afford any luxurys and good tools so everything had to practically be done by hand.

    Marcus would often Travel miles to town by foot to set up stall and sell what little they produced on the farm. When he was younger he would get abuse from other market, stall salesman and even the occasional thief which he would have to stand up for himself. There was many a time other kids would provoke Marcus, calling him names and such like being mean and also suicidal. Marcus was a big fella and people would have to be clearly insane in the membrane to even upset a giant such as him. However people weren't alone, gangs of them teased and bullied Marcus which lead him into many fights until his grandfather heard about it and stooped the fighting. Marcus would always be grateful towards his grandfather for that and looks up to him as a personal hero.

    Marcus's brother was caught cheating in school one day with answers to questions he could'nt possible know. The school soon found out the source of the problem, Marcus. Marcus helped him brother or his family with their homework whenever he can. While having what little of free time he had Marcus enjoyed reading, he read anything from geography, maths, science, anything he could get a book on. He practically self taught himself a school education. After the education board heard about this, they were impressed and they wanted to send Marcus to gain a beter education. So Marcus was sent away, sponsord by the education board under the promise they took care of his family while he was away. The education board wanted Marcus to achieve a beter education the world could offer so Marcus travles to get a great education.

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    Re: Marcus De Souza

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