The Windsor Family: We control London

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    The Windsor Family: We control London

    Post by Upgrade on Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:30 pm

    The Windsor family have been in operation since the royal ascension of the first Windsor, and was created by the first royal Windsor as an underground form of protection from threats to the throne. The identity of the founder remains unknown and records have been lost, but it remains a certainty that the royal surname was given to them officially by the royal family.

    Like most of the oldest and most powerful Mafia families, the Windsor family is in possession of seven rings, each one representing a different human virtue. Although these seven rings do exist, their powers have been sealed and have not been distributed since the death of the Windsor Family founder.

    1. - Charity Ring - Sun Guardian
    2. - Patience Ring - Mist Guardian
    3. - Humility Ring - Rain Guardian
    4. - Honesty Ring - Cloud Guardian
    5 - Justice Ring - Storm Guardian
    6 - Innocence Ring – Thunder Guardian
    7 - Forgiveness Ring - Sky Guardian

    As the family is one of the oldest known, the true number of family heads that have led the Windsor Family is unknown, and as such, all numbers have been rolled back to the start. As such, the current family head is a female by the name of Upgrade, and she is generally referred to as the First Windsor.

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